Annual Maintenance Services

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for CCTV Surveillance System

In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine's repeat performance. To get repeat performance; machine maintenance is a key factor. Maintenance of CCTV camera requires special skills. Every organization may not have specialized CCTV Surveillance System maintenance team to take care of all varieties of camera. CCTV camera manufacturers and distributors are the best people to support in maintaining these cameras as total technology is available to them. In order to help our customers in getting the best throughput from the CCTV camera, we have introduced the concept of Maintenance Contracts for the CCTV Surveillance System.

AMC service for CCTV cameras


Products categories

  • 12 On-site Services. (One Service Every Month)
  • Testing and readjustment of focus and video level on all camera on a monthly basis.
  • Testing of external cameras housings including de-misters where appropriate on a monthly basis
  • Cleaning of all camera lenses and housings where appropriate on a monthly basis.
  • Test of all photocells and infrared lamps for correct operation on a monthly basis.
  • Clean all video display monitors with anti-static solution on a monthly basis.
  • Adjust video time & date display as required, and check equipment settings.
  • Test all remote data transmission equipment, ensuring correct operation on a monthly basis.
  • Telephonic Tech Support.
  • Chat Support.
  • Remote Support.
  • Spare parts would cost extra.
  • Non comprehensive AMC plan.